Annual Boiler Service

5 reasons why you should  arrange an annual boiler service:

1. Safety.

Gas boilers produce carbon monoxide the silent killer, so regular servicing will give you peace of mind knowing your boiler is safe. 

2. Warranty 

After spending a lot of money installing a new boiler an annual service will keep the warranty up to date, some manufacturers may not honour the warranty if the boiler has not been serviced. 

3. System inspection fault finding 

Whilst servicing the boiler our engineer may spot issues that can be repaired easily before they become a major problem.

4. Prolong boiler lifespan 

The following should be checked during your boiler service- heat exchanger, flue, burners, gas supply and the quality of your central heating water should now be checked for the correct protector and if there is any corrosion present within the system. 

5. Legal requirement 

It is a legal requirement to get boiler checked annually especially if the property is rented.

So get in touch today and book an appointment to get your boiler serviced.