Ideal Max Accredited Installer

Great news this week I have met the annual reassessment criteria to continue as an Ideal Boiler Max Accredited Installer.

 This allows me to register Ideal Vogue boilers with an extended 12 year warranty giving customers peace of mind. 

The feedback from my customers is that the Ideal Vogue gives great energy saving compared to their old boiler. 

Many previous customers selecting the Ideal Vogue boiler have opted to cancel their boiler insurance plans and go for the boiler with a 12 year warranty which works out at approximately £20.00 per month over the 12 years which includes servicing costs, depending on insurance provider can give considerable saving on costs over the 12 year period. 

The Ideal Vogue boiler can be fitted to any current heating system as is made as a combi and system boiler. 

This is the boiler is fully manufactured in the UK.